Meditation unraveled, basic steps towards the devine.


There is a lot of reading on meditation, a lot of different and similar beliefs.  Some focus on mantras, positioning your fingers, listening to your breath, imagining a third eye and so on.

The end result is all the same and the approach should be simplified to maximize and directly impact the true essence of meditation.

The point of meditation is to be purely in the moment with the absence of thought.  The best way to be in the moment is to pay attention to whatever is happening at the present moment.  Usually your breath is with you everywhere you go and is always happening in the present so that would be the best candidate to focus on.

Both listen and feel your breath.  While you are doing this, just pay attention to the noise of thoughts that push into your brain, once noticed simply put your attention back on your breath or whatever else is happening at the preset moment.

With practice you’ll be able to achieve longer periods of thought absence, while achieving deeper levels of being in the moment.

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