Self Healing


Everyone goes through pain and injuries. One of the ways we can speed up the process of healing is by paying attention to our pain.

The body is an amazing piece of nature, if you let it heal itself, it will find the best and quickest path to rejuvenation.

One of the ways to help the body heal itself is by paying attention to the pain at a very high level through meditation.  The more closer and familiar you get to the pain, the quicker the body will act.  A lot of the time, our minds are in many places during the course of the day, making our body more disconnected to what ails it. If we learn to park our mind and give it a rest (deprived of thoughts) we can gain that high level of focus towards the body so it can continue in it’s natural healing process.

The key here is the meditation and the concept is simple.  Let go of your thoughts and let your body achieve it’s maximum healing state.

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